I was a military man, a translator, an editor, a sales man, a corporate trainer, an export manager, a head of crowdsourcing and gamification department, a presentation producer.What moved me in my career from one position to another, from one industry to another was my genuine natural-born curiosity of a child. Not scientific kind of curiosity that wants to know the numbers, the names, the cause and the consequence, but rather a curiosity of a five year old boy in a man’s body who wants to feel the scent, see the color, hear the sound, travel places not just to learn something specific about them, but just to be at those places and feel them.

Through my career all I wanted was to make people feel better, to help them sence the joy and optimism that I have been feeling all the way. I tried to do it by selling quality things or by designing a game scenario that would make them feel as if they mattered, but I really started to understand what’s going on when I became a presentation producer.

Every single conversation about a slide deck, or a speech delivery on stage ended up in discussion of deeper topics like personal integrity, inner values and what our life is all about. And that was when I discovered the power of life coaching.

I joined Erickson International in order to study the art and science of transformational coaching.

Now I have a session or two every day, and there has never been a job in my life as fulfilling as being a life-coach. Finally I found my way to help people to bring joy and meaning to their lives without having to sell them goods, give badges or talk about their presentations.

Now as a life-coach I can talk with people directly only about what really matters: life, happiness, relationships, health, mindfulness and their talents. And my childish curiosity helps me to really HEAR what people say and help them flourish.

There were certain people that inspired me and made me feel like I’m on the right track. With their ideas, lessons and support positive changes in my life were fast, enjoyable and tangible.

I’m still on the journey because life itself is a journey, and I will be happy to become your friend, guide and coach, to help you find your path and start to enjoy your life. If you feel like you are ready to take real steps towards the future you consciously choose for yourself, you may consider having a set of 1-on-1 coach sessions, or you may start reading our blog at futurefor.me.

At futurefor.me you can check out ideas, thoughts and discoveries of my friends, colleagues and authors from all over the world, as well as some of my own findings and stories. I really hope that futurefor.me will bring more mindfulness and honesty into your life. Join the community.

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